New Opportunity for Derivatives Training Now Available

New Opportunity for Derivatives Training Now Available

Dorset, UK – Prior to the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008 the complexity of wholesale financial products had reached mind-boggling proportions.  Since then the press has often carried reports about how market participants have moved away from complex to more ‘vanilla’ style of products.  However, several factors have seen the re-emergence of complex products.For example, as the market have gradually restructured there has been the emergence of products like contingent convertibles that allow banks to manage their capital regulations.  Although the era of low interest rates is gradually coming to an end, investors are still keen to identify yield enhanced structures.  For example, in the credit derivatives space structured notes referencing tranches of credit default swap indices have been popular; arguably these are one of the most complex products ever designed.

Another impact of the crisis was the enormous and painful cost cutting undertaken by virtually every financial institution.  This had two main consequences from a knowledge perspective.  Firstly, many senior executives were fired taking with them years of accrued understanding that can no longer be passed on to colleagues.  Secondly, with many training and development departments also suffering cutbacksmany financial institutions lost a culture of continuing education.

Financial Markets Training Ltd (FMT) offers a variety of training programmes that deal with all aspects of wholesale finance. They have classes on a wide variety of courses pertaining to finance, including some on credit, foreign exchange, equity derivative and commodity derivatives training. Their equity derivative training focuses on in-house training so that those in a company can tell between a variance swap and a volatility swap. Their commodity derivatives training can be structured to focus on a specific market or theme. Their services expand beyond these examples. 

The aim of the business is to give a challenging yet interesting classroom experience for those around the world. They do so by having some of the most highly qualified and experienced professional educators in their service.  Rather than a traditional lecturing approach the company uses a variety of techniques that include simulations and spreadsheet exercises.  Where as many training companies pay lip service to the concept of ‘interactivity’, FMT uses popular teaching techniques such as ‘peer instruction’ to increase participation.

Some may wonder why financial literacy is so important. The answer is simple: wholesale finance is complex and understanding how things work ‘in the real world’ is vital.  Financial structureswill always evolve and become increasingly sophisticated than those offered in the past.  In modern times, financial literacy is more important than ever.

Those looking for the tools to become financially literate can refer to Financial Markets Training Ltd. They offer in-house classes that cover a wide variety of topics that can help people in many different situations and at various stages of their careers. 

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