YouLive-liberating live-show anchors, opening the blockchain and introducing online stars to a new dimension

YouLive-liberating live-show anchors, opening the blockchain and introducing online stars to a new dimension

For the hot current blockchain status, I personally think that in a rational hug, keep mad, to be crazy, to remain rational. Of course, as a de-centralized technology engine, blockchain can surely change the world. I expect that by 2018, the number of public chains will soar, and that side chains and the application of decentralized blockchain to the floor will blossom. Therefore, investing in blockchain and digital assets is an exciting prospect.

For a long time, the application of blockchain on the floor was a hot topic. In my opinion, applications on the floor usually land when large-scale public chain competition starts. In the current market, which is extremely hot, the future is a blockchain landing, very fast scene. Meanwhile, the data shows that the global direct broadcast industry is experiencing a period of rapid development. It is estimated that the market size will increase from 30 billion U.S. dollars to 100 billion U.S. dollars from 2017-2020.

As we all know, since its birth, blockchain has become famous for its many technical features, such as decentralization, intermediation, distributed data books, and non-tampering. For the current live broadcast market, blockchain can be optimized. There is even room for subversion.

The current pain point in the video broadcast industry is quite extreme. The Monopoly Live Platform and the anchor brokers gained most of the audience’s spending through unequal separation schemes. For webcast anchors, creating live broadcasts over an extended period of time generates intense pressure. At the same time, anchors are forced to accept different levels of exploitation. As a viewer, you may have given a dollar to an anchor you like, but that anchor will actually receive only 20 cents. Content-sharing (Influencer) – the sharing of high-quality content so that the live broadcast platform gets a lot of Internet traffic – grabbed a huge amount of advertising revenue. However, content sharers (Influencer) did not benefit. Advertisers (Advertiser) hope to negotiate advertising prices with the anchor. When advertising through an influencer, it is often possible to increase the advertising costs through intermediary layers, such as the live platform and the brokerage company. This often causes the advertisement cost to exceed the budget.

All this is due to the centralized broadcast platform, the current problems presented, nor is it just a few live giants, scatter the yuan, you can solve.

YouLive has liberated live-show anchors and opened the blockchain, introducing live-show anchors to a new dimension. 

YouLive is a very popular project in the global blockchain. Much like PROPS and GIFTO, YouLive attracts market attention due to its application of tokens in the main live broadcast system.

YouLive’s vision is built on blockchain technology. It is the world’s first truly decentralized live-to-social platform that enables real-time sharing of social media and social networking using community-based autonomy through disruptive values, recognition, and a value allocation mechanism. All participants in the ecology can be obtained directly from the other side of the value of affirmation.

Personally, I think the YouLive team has brought blockchain technology back to the scene through quality improvement. Therefore, YouLive’s future value may surprise users and even investors.

Strictly speaking, at present, the international market contains many centralized broadcast platforms and even giants. However, in 2017, live-show anchors and video ecology into the inflection point. Platform requirements for the anchor have become more stringent. Most anchor platforms do not offer platform support, and do not allocate traffic or bonuses to the anchor. This is a very unfair situation.

The YouLive team will revolutionize this irrational ecosystem and build a decentralized platform through blockchain technology to subvert the broadcast industry’s operating modes and achieve fair value recognition and a value distribution mechanism. The economic incentive system itself into a system that can circulate within the system. By using a decentralized mechanism, one receives economic encouragement equally on the YouLive platform and also realizes an endless stream of content creation. 

YouLive is a platform-based, real-time content-sharing platform based on Windows, It provides the real-time ability to share “shares,” and well as engage in social networking and circle building in a community-based format. It has a fair value recognition and value allocation mechanism so that all participants in the ecology directly from the other side of the value of affirmation. 

To be sure, Ethereum’s network congestion has caused very slow changes in the flow of digital assets, while other public chains are relatively less sophisticated in terms of performance and user experience. As the next generation of decentralized public chain, Ælf will significantly outperform the current public chain in global markets in terms of network throughput and performance. Therefore, YouLive will be fluent in the digital asset experience.

I had to like for the decentralized blockchain entrepreneurs. While the world is imperfect, technology can change everything. I also believe that, in the future, the anchors who broadcast live on the YouLive platform will be bright stars in the phone interface.

YouLive is already on its way toward changing the world of live-show stars.

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