Trojan: A game that teaches about hacking strategies, in need of funding to help it hit the market

Trojan: A game that teaches about hacking strategies, in need of funding to help it hit the market

February 2nd, 2018 – With hacking and cyber crime being on the rise, learning the ropes and strategies that hackers use may be useful in beating them at their game. This is what the developers of Trojan had in mind. While they were working on attack scenarios for cyber simulations and helping organizations or individuals get an understanding of how the cyber attackers think and act, the developers of Trojan said that they thought it would be great designing a hacking game that everyone can play. It is on that premise that Trojan was born.

The game involves creating a Trojan by distributing a fixed amount of points between different characteristics, then the player selects the target and sector, which can be a government, defense, business or any other. After infecting the first target the Trojan spreads and infects more targets. Whenever the Trojan infects or pawns a target, the player gets money, technology or data which helps in achieving the goals. The player will be able to run multiple campaigns simultaneously but as the Trojan keeps on running so are the risks of being discovered and neutralized.

The game is already on prototype stage but for it to be finished, funds are   required. According to the developers, funds are needed to finish programming the client, extra music and art which they cannot create on their own. They also require fund for the distribution platform fees.

It is on this premise that the developers are now appealing for a financial backing. They have started a crowd funding campaign to raise $18,000. For the few days that the campaign has been running, $1000 has already been raised, with developers saying that the response has been great. “People are excited with this game, they are eager to learn the hacker’s strategy and have great fun while doing it. We spend a lot of our time explaining to other people what are Trojans, campaigns, vulnerabilities, crime kits, exploits and other terms and things. Now, they can play the game and maybe get some idea of what they’re up against,” said Ilan Graicer the spokesperson of the game development team.

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