Cancer Cachexia Patients get Another Chance

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Cancer Cachexia Patients get Another Chance

Another Chance, LLC located in Colorado recently announced that it’s Cachexia Treatment called Cachexinol, gives hope to Cancer patients wasting away from Cachexia.

Cachexia otherwise known as the Wasting Syndrome, or more accurately described as the Wasting Away Syndrome plagues up to 50% of all cancer patients.

Until the last decade or so, this wasting disease was overlooked, as physicians and researchers focused their attention on the primary diseases, awkwardly failing to address cachexia with the patient until it was too late. And in 2019, Anker and colleagues — while reporting on some promising developments from the 11th Cachexia Conference — admitted that it “remains a fact, however, that effective treatments of cachexia and wasting disorders are urgently needed in order to improve patients’ quality of life and their survival.”

Another Chance gives hope to all Cancer patients suffering from Cachexia. Recent mouse studies show the Efficacy of Cachexinol™ (using CELLg8® delivery) in treating cancer cachexia.

Dr. Emek Blair, Founder of Another Chance, LLC,  CELLg8® (advance Liposomal delivery system), Getvitabetter, PuffinHemp and Valimenta has been so successful helping people that he just wants to give back to the community that so generously supported him with the introduction of Cachexinol.

He wants to keep the price affordable so all can afford “Another Chance” against Cancer’s Wasting Away Syndrome.

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