There Is Significance to Showing Children Basic Reasoning

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There Is Significance to Showing Children Basic Reasoning

What is critical thinking and why is it important to your child? Critical thinking is when you make judgements based on logic that are thought out and are analyzed before you decide or conclude about something. An example would be instead of blindly following orders, you think things over and make sure it’s the logical thing to do. Your child may not need to have a high level of critical thinking right now but as they grow older and leave the nest, these skills are going to be critical to their development as an adult. Here are a couple of great ways to teach critical thinking skills that will for sure put your child thinking on the right track! 

Play Puzzles with Them or Buy Them Puzzles

In order to develop your child’s critical thinking skills, it’s important that you teach them problem solving and showing them how to solve problems on their own. Playing with puzzles not only helps their critical thinking skills but also their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and playing with puzzles with your child is the perfect way to bond with them. Puzzles also teaches your child about letters, numbers and they have to develop strategies on how they will complete the puzzle, this is helpful when it comes to critical thinking for kids

Let Your Child Choose for Themselves

We all know that kids and toddlers need guidance and in general parents dress them, pick their school, their meals, what they wear, when they go to bed and more but there’s a time where we need to teach our kids how to be more independent. Start by allowing your child to make simple decisions for themselves such as letting them choose dinner or what they can wear for school that day. If you want to be daring, let your kid get up and get ready for school on their own. 

Don’t Jump Up and Help Your Child Right Away if They Are Struggling

It’s natural to want to help your child if they are struggling to do something and it’s okay to step in but don’t do it too soon. Example if your child is learning how to tie their shoe, show them how to do it on your shoe than watch them try to figure it out on their own. This will help your child develop a sense of responsibility. 

Ask Your Child Open Ended Questions

If you’re daughter or son asks a question, it’s only natural for you to answer the question right away. Instead of doing that try encouraging your kid to answer their own question by asking why do you think this happens? How would you try to solve this problem? By doing this you are not only teaching critical thinking but are also encouraging your kid to form their own hypothesis. 

Do you teach your child any critical thinking skills or play any puzzles with them? Tell us in the comment section below and don’t forget to share us to other parents looking to improve their child’s future.

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