Dr Tan and Partners (DTAP Clinic) launches a new Rapid in-house STD Testing

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Dr Tan and Partners (DTAP Clinic) launches a new Rapid in-house STD Testing

Dr. Tan and Partners (DTAP) group of clinics recently announced the launch of a new rapid in-house STD testing service across all its clinics as part of its strategy to establish itself as a thought leader for STD and HIV medicine in the region. It is the first, and currently still only,  private primary healthcare group in Singapore to offer this service.

DTAP is a group of medical clinics founded and based in Singapore with clinics in the South East Asian region. It has gained a reputation for providing a high quality of medical service especially in the field of STDs and HIV and was designated as an official HIV Anonymous Testing Clinic by Singapore’s Ministry of Health in 2008. It was one of the pioneers of point-of-care rapid tests for HIV and Syphilis in Singapore and now is moving to provide the same rapid test service of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea infections.

“Rapid point-of-care tests are the wave of the future,” said Dr. Tan Kok Kuan, Chief Executive Officer of the DTAP. “Nobody has the time to wait anymore. Patients need to know the results of their tests as quickly as possible. This not only alleviates anxiety, but it also allows Doctors to treat the patient quickly as well as allow the patient to notify any potentially exposed partners.”

Rapid point-of-care tests are medical diagnostic tests that can be run within the medical clinic itself. This saves time by not having to transport the patient’s blood or urine to a medical lab to be tested. DTAP has been running such tests for HIV and Syphilis all this while. But its latest service offerings expand its testing range to include Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. These are the 2 commonest STDs in the world and infect both men and women equally according to the WHO. Aside from the genitals, these bacteria can also infect the throat, eyes, and anus. Leaving such infections undiagnosed and untreated can lead to a rise in antibiotic resistance.

The testing procedure is relatively straightforward and involves taking a biological sample from the site that is to be tested. For example, the sample could be a swab of the throat or something as simple as just a urine sample.

“Rapid testing benefits not only the patient but also public health,” said Dr. Tan. “Diagnosing a contagious infection quickly allows for rapid treatment that not only cures the patients but also prevents further spread of the infection.”

By being the first private primary healthcare group to offer rapid Chlamydia and Gonorrhea testing, DTAP continues to improve its standard of patient care by bringing yet more convenience to the patient and resultantly continues to establish itself as a leader in STD and HIV medicine in Singapore and the region.

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