MapleStory 2 Severely Hit By Plagiarism – How To Gain More Mesos Secured Among Thieves And Spammers

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MapleStory 2 Severely Hit By Plagiarism – How To Gain More Mesos Secured Among Thieves And Spammers

Although it’s just a few days after its global release, MapleStory 2 has encountered with one of the major crisis and haunted by it without a valid cure for now – massively plowing money flooded in the game and incessant spams rolling on world chat. Although plowing money is generally considered as a violation of TOS of MapleStory 2, however, to reap loads of Mesos swiftly without risk has no longer been “Arabian Nights” version fairytale – We have our own way to achieve that!

The problem of virtual money plowing seems to be so familiar to RPGs, and MapleStory 2 is no exception.

Although not officially opened and only in the launch phase but the super-cute online game Maple Story 2 has a headache, is that the players plow money flooded the virtual world.

Newly opened, MapleStory 2 has gone mad with widespread plowing - Photo 1.

Specifically, in the server, many players set up bogus accounts to plug the machine plow money, even the plow accounts more than real players. Not only that, but the world chat MapleStory 2 is also filled with spam lines, of course to… sell plow gold.

This situation is actually foreseeable, and it is already so popular in the role-playing games that use the money to buy items such as MapleStory 2. It would have been Nexon to prepare for a good response. More than that, simply because they have a lot of experience, but in the end, everything is going on like it was before.

Newly opened, MapleStory 2 has gone crazy with the spread of plagiarism - Picture 2.

Currently, Nexon has announced that it will be updated to limit the spam situation as well as improve the server status plow as today. At the same time, they also advised MapleStory 2 gamers absolutely should not buy virtual gold from the ‘black’ service on this network for money lost.

However, despite the legitimacy of plowing Mesos and coins in MapleStory 2 is widely queried, Many professional institutions and teams have been dedicating to a reliable and secured MapleStory 2 Mesos and items transactions line in and out of the game instead of issuing nauseating spams attack rolling on world chat constantly. For example, MMOAH, as a trustworthy website acclaimed by its peers and customers for what it has gained in in-game currency business, is a perfect choice when it comes to buying cheap MS 2 Mesos and have no worries of getting suspended or confiscated later.

MMOAH already made a gratifying and tremendous triumphant on MS 2 Mesos‘ sales even though today is only five days after its global release. Statistically, the daily average order number MMOAH has in MapleStory 2 Mesos is more than to 200, and its daily gross revenue is about 2000$ recently. More importantly, over 98% MapleStory 2 Mesos orders on MMOAH has been fulfilled successfully and acquired positive reviews from customers regarding its services in the delivery ETA, customer services, prices, web design etc.

CEO of MMOAH site, Edward Zheng, has revealed the future layout of MapleStory 2 Mesos Transaction Service on MMOAH in a recent interview:

“Our MS 2 service promotion was overwhelmingly motivated by various appeals of soaring gamers from MapleStory 2. Precisely because of full-scale support and trust from players and customers, we have rapidly thrived in the industry and build firm popularity among our loyal customers. I guarantee there will be more promotional events coming in next and a solid system will be established with ‘lower prices – more discounts – higher efficient QRM – comprehensive after-sales service’  principle guidance. I believe we have the power to create sheer bliss to more gamers from MapleStory 2 and a better future for us.”

Nevertheless, MapleStory 2 is still running the English version and there is still plenty of time for NPH to fix it, ensuring a clean environment for gamers to stick to.

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