A Chinese Company is Reengineering Production Mode of ‘mages’

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A Chinese Company is Reengineering Production Mode of ‘mages’

In the early October 2018, a Chinese artificial intelligence company attracts extensive attention in New York City.

In fact, Mango TV, Sohu Video, Tencent Video and other major Chinese video websites take full advantage of this technology to lay a foundation for a new generation of video content production chain, thereby growing more efficient and intelligent.

Moviebook is such a leading company that grasps this technology. By offering intelligent tools based on intelligent image production technology tailored to various industries, Moviebook “enables an unreal car to enter in a suitable scenario” and achieves the automatic production of video contents to some extent.

The technical service thinking of Broadly-linked Industry helps Moviebook stand out among the fast-growing Chinese artificial intelligence companies. Fan Shuo, Vice President of Technology at Moviebook, gave a keynote speech on Intelligent Image Production Technology Endows New Inspiration to Marketing during Advertising Week New York, and put forward the idea that through Intelligent Image Production Technology Solution, new application growth engines will be additionally available.

Fan Shuo explained in his speech: “Moviebook has been able to ‘completely produce videos in a virtualized manner by means of computer, without any shooting elements, which will cast light on the energy efficiency of video production companies to some extent”.

In fact, as video becomes the mainstream information carrier for the Chinese young people, Intelligent Image Production Technology, which is entirely automatic in terms of image production mode, has been recognized by world-renowned artificial intelligence companies and venture capital institutions. In the third quarter of 2018, Moviebook acquired a capital injection of RMB1.56 billion from Sense Time and Softbank China Venture Capital.

Moviebook starts to synergize with other artificial intelligence companies more closely. Since 2018, Moviebook has begun to allow industry customers to customize intelligent image production tools with industry characteristics. Maybe in the future, users have no need to shoot videos on their own, as YouTube can create vividly-reproduced “fake video” contents by means of the existing audio and video materials. Of course, this also may be achieved thanks to the application of Intelligent Image Production Technology Solution provided by Moviebook.

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