Monspace “2018 True Heroes Charity Award” Pays Tribute to Unsung Heroes 9 People Awarded for Acts of Kindness

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Monspace “2018 True Heroes Charity Award” Pays Tribute to Unsung Heroes 9 People Awarded for Acts of Kindness

On 13th and 14th October, Monspace had its “Persevere and Shine” 4th anniversary celebration at the Malaysian International Trade Exhibition Centre (MITEC). Shareholders, clients, regional leaders, users and colleagues from around the world gathered to commemorate this special event, sharing in the joy of Monspace’s journey. This anniversary is special, for Monspace also hosted the “2018 True Heroes Charity Award” to pay tribute to unsung heroes who perform acts of kindness in silence.

Through the award, Monspace wishes to encourage more people to do good, and remind people that no act of kindness is too small. Using ordinary people, we want to spread kindness throughout the nation, making Malaysia a more caring place. “The motto of Monspace has always been ‘life inspiring life’, and the “2018 True Heroes Charity Award” is precisely an embodiment of this spirit.

It is meant to promote more care and attention towards the underserved in our society, creating more love and hope for all,” said founder and CEO of Monspace Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai.

According to Lai, the origin story of this project goes two years back. “One time, I came across a news article about rising suicide cases at the Penang Bridge. The article mentioned the name “Tan Chin Leong”. Over the past 6 years, this tow truck service runner has saved 23 people who tried to take their own lives by jumping off the bridge,” said Lai. Lai expressed that she was very impressed by Tan; an ordinary citizen who has so much to care and worry about everyday, yet still find love in his heart to care about something that was not required of him at all.

“At that moment, I thought, how many more of these unsung heroes do we have in our society?”asked Lai. The philanthropist then said: “Many years of working closely with charities have taught me that the kindest people are often not famous celebrities or politicians. You might not even know their name—but these people work everyday to make the world better. They are the unnamed heroes among us.” Because of that, Dato’ Sri Jessy Lai decided to recognise these charitable people. “We used to believe that acts of kindness should stay unnoticed. Now, it is more important to let everyone know about these acts, and encourage them to do the same.”

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